Redo update

Mostly content to sort out now. Some sidebar stuff and feeds from Blinklist etc. There is a DNS problem at the moment which means that the subdomain isn’t resolving although the domain is (sort of) resolving but to rather than its own url. Should be sorted by tomorrow. The easiest thing for anyone bookmarking is use just (The old /mrpower2/ directory will take you to the old blog archives.

It’s all been for the best. I wouldn’t have embarked on a major redo under normal circumstances. I feel quite invigorated by it all. Nothing like moving the furniture around and slapping a fresh coat of paint on to create the illusion of progress, ha, ha!

UPDATE: All the domains and subs are resolving to this site now in some fashion so there should be no more blank pages. If you have stuck with it so far thank you and sorry for the cock-ups :)