Almost there

I promise to stop posting about this bloody revamp soon! I've been adding pages and feeds. They are not up to date yet because I'm about a week behind and I haven't posted any new links, but they are at least in place.

The weekend 'PaperRound' links will now have their own page and can now be updated during the week as well (if I need to). The links will be on a single static page with an RSS feed, which should make them more useful.

The Newspages will take a little longer (because I've scrubbed all the feeds and I'll be starting from scratch) but, again, will be on static pages accessible from the sidebar in a nested folder.

After that there will be an audio page and a video page. I haven't quite decided on the format yet. Later still, I hope there will be a podcast page and, who knows, even a vodcast...arghhhh!

You have been warned.

PS: Anything interesting happening in the blogosphere? I'm glad I'm out of it ;)