Find me on Facebook Better check my posts before you think about friending me. I swear a lot and I'm an atheist. If you are easily offended, keep away. 
I have strong views, I'm opinionated and I’m now too old to care what anyone thinks of me. 


Tumblr Images

My Tumblr Image blog. PowerImage  All sorts of images that catch my eye for whatever reason. No theme, no logic. Just random, eclectic stuff I stumble upon. 


The Rest

I left Twitter a few years back. It was great at the beginning but then it turned into the shambles it is today. I returned briefly, but I've now finally left for good. Life is just too short. 

My Tumblr Blog Just a place for odds and ends reblogged from other Tumblr sites. Or posts that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

Power Minded It's all in the mind. A blog about all things neurological, psychological and brain/mind-related in general. 

Last but not least you can find me covering a great many subjects (including, photography, food, graphic design, SEO, marketing etc.) on Pinterest