Make up your mind...!

Slowly, out of chaos and confusion comes…delay!

Ha, ha! I’m still fiddling around and chopping and changing. I hope by next week to have settled down properly into my new incarnation (but I wouldn’t put any money on it if I were you). I think I’m having a mini bout of hypomania :)

All will be sorted out soon, I’m sure, and life will return to some semblance of normality. I’m working on this new web design, which I really like the look of. I’m off to use up my 90 downloads at Emusic. I should use them to buy some peaceful, newage stuff but I fear I will end up with some pretty weird stuff that appeals to my present mood.

Still, how else would I end up with classics such as ‘Fuck You’ by schizophrenic street singer Wesley Willis

or the short, weird ‘Tap Dance’ by 50’s street musician Moondog.