Eat with your fingers

Myleene Klass warned by police after scaring off intruders with knife
Miss Klass, a model for Marks & Spencer and a former singer with the pop group Hear'Say, was in her kitchen in the early hours of Friday when she saw two teenagers behaving suspiciously in her garden. The youths approached the kitchen window, before attempting to break into her garden shed, prompting Miss Klass to wave a kitchen knife to scare them away. Miss Klass, 31, who was alone in her house in Potters Bar, Herts, with her two-year-old daughter, Ava, called the police. When they arrived at her house they informed her that she should not have used a knife to scare off the youths because carrying an "offensive weapon" – even in her own home – was illegal.
What utter cock. Carrying a knife in your own home is illegal. Fuck me, I've already broken the law this morning - I buttered my toast!

It reminds me of the stupid copper that told me I could be charged with a public order offence in my own home for shouting at him. Needless to say I told him in no uncertain terms what a pathetic idiot he was and sent him on his way. Is it now a requirement of joining the police force that you be a complete fucking dope?