Good for him

Daddy knows best, Nick Clegg tells baby guru
Nick Clegg has launched a scathing attack on Britain’s best-known child-rearing guru, likening her methods to “sticking babies in broom cupboards”. The Liberal Democrat leader, a father of three, described Gina Ford’s approach to bringing up babies, which involves encouraging them to stick to strict routines, as “absolute nonsense”.
This unqualified, dopey looking lumbertubs doesn't even have children of her own. Imagine taking advice on dog training from someone who had never had a dog.  The only people more stupid than Ford are the parent's too gormless to work out how to look after a baby themselves. It's not rocket science.

She is popular with some parents because she provides them with a routine which allows them to live their lives as if they didn't actually have an inconvenient, demanding child. Ideal for working mothers who have to be out of the house by 7am sharp and therefore can't be doing with feeding their child when it's hungry but rather at a time that fits in with their busy lives.