LibCon calls for censorship

Liberal Conspiracy -  We’re giving terrorists what they want
Press blackouts were tried in the past, both in the fight against terrorism in Northern Ireland and at the height of the RAF and Red Brigades’ campaigns in Germany and Italy respectively. What if governments and security forces around the world set up a concerted plan not to give Al-Quaeda the oxygen of publicity, unless of course there were damage and casualties to report? Wouldn’t the blackout deal at least a partial blow to the campaign of fear and hatred that the Islamic funda-mentalists(sic) have been inflicting upon the world?

And using a soundbite made famous by Margaret Thatcher too. Ooh, er, missus!

No news is, indeed, good news, so it seems. 

Of course, let us remember, as Shawn Bryant points out: "Politics thrives on the oxygen of publicity far more than terrorism does."