In memoriam

There is one aspect of the Anjem Choudary/Wooton Bassett story that disturbs me.  Choudary is a vile scumbag, that much we can all agree on, and his plan for a march through Wooton Bassett is nothing more than a cynical attempt at self-promotion. But where are the lives of dead, innocent Afghans commemorated in this country? Surely there is a perfectly good case to be made for publicly mourning the tragic losss of life of Muslims in both Afghanistan and Iraq? Nobody seems to be doing it and if they did what sort of reception would they get? Would Alan Johnson be 'filled with revulsion'? Would Gordon Brown think it 'inapproriate'?

So, in the absence of an honest and humane response to the wars we get this buffoon who is now able to make a perfectly reasonable case about the slaughter of innocent Muslims to further his own agenda. There was a time when all the victims of war were commemorated, but that has never been on the agenda at Wooton Bassett.