Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The environmental movement is losing
The environmental movement is losing to a sophisticated network of right wing sceptics and deniers
A "sophisticated network of right-wing sceptics" sound remarkably like a "conspiracy theory" to me. Complete tosh, of course. The fiasco in Copenhagen had absolutely fuck all to do with right-wing pressure, denialism or sophisticated networks of powerful people. It was exactly the outcome any intelligent person would have expected from putting several thousand dopey civil servants from around the world into a big room and hoping for some kind of coherent outcome. Cock-up, not conspiracy. But a cock-up that quite a few people are perfectly happy about, nevertheless.

Of course, reading the papers this morning it's clear that China is being presented as the 'bad' guy in all this. Again, it's utter bollocks. As I said earlier, there was no way the US was going to sign up to anything that damaged US economic recovery.