Just shoot the scumbags

Family man who fought off armed thugs after they took his family hostage is jailed

I've said it many times. If you are going to tackle a nasty armed intruder you've got to go the whole hog- and then bury the body somewhere. You do NOT hit him over the head and then call the police. Armed, masked men breaking into my house with the intention of robbing - or worse - and you think I'm going to worry about using "reasonable force" or try and work out, Belgrano style, whether they are actually running away and are no longer a threat? The intruder had FIFTY previous convictions. FIFTY! And that is just the number of convictions, not the total number of crimes committed which may have run into the hundreds. Why was this low-life even out on the streets?

Now, because these scumbags decided to break into a house, tie up the occupants and try and rob them, a decent, hard working, law-abiding citizen has been sent to prison for two and a half years because, according to the judge,  what he did might lead to a situation where the -  "rule of law and our system of criminal justice, which are the hallmarks of a civilised society, would collapse.' 

Is that the 'civilised' society where violent, armed, masked men with criminal records as long as your arm invade your home and try to rob you. Civilised? Stuff it!