Tracy and Damien: Buy it, study it and learn how to paint!

Emin bids to save £50m paintings (with OUR money, of course)
Tracey Emin will today deliver an artists' petition to Downing Street in a bid to save two paintings by the Renaissance master Titian for the nation.

The National Galleries of Scotland and London have until the end of December to raise £50 million to keep Diana And Actaeon in the UK, with the option of buying the second painting, Diana And Callisto, for a similar price in three years.
Our multi-millionaire Trace and her dollar-billionaire chum Damien could finally do something of lasting worth to the cause of art in Britain and buy these two Titians with some of the money they've received for their overpriced tat from gormless art speculators the world over. Instead they and their artist pals want the money to come from the rest of us. Lorry drivers, nurses, cleaners and anyone else who pays tax or VAT or fuel duty or duty on fags and booze. Grrrr!