Mind The Gap!

Tell me this is a fucking joke, please.  

If it's not then I'm going to take some close up photos of my gnashers and post them here with a PayPal button. If she gets £800 I should be well on course for several thousand quid!

No light at the end of the tunnel  for Trixy. "Most Shaggable Blogger 2008"
I really haven't been so scared and desolate in a long time. I can't afford £800 for specialist root canal treatment to remove an infection which is eating away at my jawbone. Because it's the second time around it only has a 60-70% chance of success so there's another huge risk that should that not work I'll have to fork our thousands of pounds to have a replacement tooth fitted, should I choose not to have a large gap in my mouth like some extra in Eastenders.

I've written to the Health Secretary and copied in the Prime Minister and my MP (who is a good bloke who actually cares about his constituents which is probably why the Tory party were allegedly trying to replace him) because they really should know what a fucking mess they've made of this country and our health services. They have provided a breeding ground for lazy, stupid gangs of knuckle scrapping fools who are, day by day, proving Darwin wrong.
Scared and desolate at the thought of losing a tooth. Baby, you ain't lived yet, obviously. Jeez!

(And just for the record, when exactly was the last time you were "scared and desolate". Did you ladder your tights or something?)

NB: The NHS charge for root canal treatment is a maximum of £44.60  Mummy and Daddy DID register you with an NHS dentist, didn't they? An infected jawbone is classed as a dental emergency and would be treated at any NHS dental hospital. Full dental implantation of a single tooth is around £1,200 with a private dentist. Root canal work is available privately from around £180. Where does the £800/£Thousands comes from?

Via DK who is chief collection-box rattler.