I must be getting old

 I'm a foul-mouthed bugger.  My dear wife was known as Mrs T by her colleagues in Kent (T for Tourettes) and the opening words of her leaving speech were - 'Fuck, bollocks, shit, wank' (it got a big laugh). I've been known to use expletives in my posts and you wouldn't want to see me in the full flow of road-rage. But I find myself getting seriously bored with 'swearybloggers',  who seem unable to manage a sentence without calling someone a fucktard or a cunt-rag, a piece of dog plop or a cock-sucking fucking cunt-rag or a cock-knocker (sic) (No I don't know what a 'cock-knocker' is either).  Or, when they seem to have completely run out of ideas, a 'fucking fuck'.

Now, some people (actually, a lot of people) deserve to be called names and I'm a huge supporter of ad hominem attacks of all kinds but there comes a point when you risk ending up sounding like a gormless 15 year old schoolboy. If that's the intention, well done, you've managed it,  but if the aim is to come across as a mature, sophisticated commentator on British life and politics then I'm afraid, (if you'll pardon the French) you're FUCKED!