Don't give up the day job

New Study: Top 50k blogs had $500 million in 2006 Revenu

Looks good at first glance but it seems the lion's share of the revenue is earned by the top 15% of blogs.

That leaves the vast majority with distictly unimpressive earnings of less than a dollar a week.

The data behind this study is skimpy but even so I think it's fair to say that for most bloggers advertising is a complete waste of space.

So why do so many insignificant blogs carry ads? I think it's to create the impression that they are more popular/influential than they really are.

They seem to be saying 'Look! I 'earn an income' from advertising so there must be lots and lots of people visiting my site'

All they are really doing is advertising Google (or whichever ad network they are using).

As for income. most will be lucky to earn enough to buy a cup of coffee every month.

So, if you're making piss-poor money from your blog adverts please do us all a favour and dump the bloody things.

Or at least make them unobtrusive (after all, it doesn't really matter where you place them if nobody is going to click on them!)