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EU 'sexual history' quiz denied
The EU has denied claims it plans to question women about their sexual history as part of a drive to improve census statistics...The European Commission says it needs better quality data on how people live in order to improve policy making.The Commission has come up with an extensive list of questions it wants all member states to ask in their next census to improve data on housing and population. In addition to data on nationality, size of family, ethnicity, it also wants to find out about computer literacy, number of cars owned, cooking facilities and "durable consumer goods possessed by the household".

One proposed question asks the "date(s) of the beginning of consensual union(s) of women having ever been in a consensual union: (ii) first consensual union and (ii) current consensual union".
There is one very simple way of dealing with this crap - LIE!

Answer the 'consensual union' question thus: 'August 14th 1842'.
As for the others: 'I have 17 refrigerators, 9 cars, 62 TVs, 1 radio, 48 microwaves, 10 computers, no washing machine, 81 DVD players  and a partridge in a pear tree', so FUCK OFF!