Well, blow me!

Blackmail plot royal 'about to go public' after being named on U.S. television
The member of the royal family at the centre of an alleged sex and drugs blackmail plot is reportedly on the verge of going public after being named on American television's leading news channel. A British commentator named the person during a live broadcast on cable news broadcaster Fox News. Nicholas Davies, the author of three books on the royal family, revealed the name during a phone interview on the channel's Live Desk show. A "senior Palace source" has been quoted as saying that the option of going public was becoming "increasingly tempting" for the person involved, according to the Telegraph.

Speaking from his Surrey home, Davies told host Martha MacCullum: "These socialites demanded $100,000 (£50,000) not to release a video which they claimed (name) engaged in oral sex. "This is absolute nonsense, (name) would never be involved in anything like this. It is a con trick which exploded in their face."

I thought this story about blow jobs was quite an old one, wasn't it? It was Prince Charles who was the guy supposedly on the receiving end of a bit of oral according to the previous story and I'm assuming it's still him in the latest one. What does fascinate me though is the response from Davies. If 'X' hasn't done "Y' then there can't be a video in existence showing 'X' doing 'Y' , so how exactly does a blackmail attempt even get off the ground? Or have I missed something?

UPDATE: Via Best of Both Worlds I see that it is David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, who is at the centre of this omosessualità e droga' scandal.  I believe his mother gave good head, so he's only keeping up the royal tradition, in a role-reversed sort of way, (assuming of course there is any truth to these assertions).