It's a comic creation you idiots!

Comic diet carries health warning
A cookbook featuring Maw Broon's favourite dishes has been criticised by health experts. The collection includes recipes for the fried, fatty and sugary foods which have sustained the comic strip family for 70 years. It has reached number two in the Scottish best-seller list, outselling books by celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. Nutritionists have warned that the Broons' diet could lead to obesity.

Nutritionist Carina Norris told BBC Scotland: "Taken as they are, all these things like fried and sugar-laden food, are very bad food and there's no way I could recommend them as a nutritionist. "Clootie dumpling is high in sugar and although it's natural sugar, it really bumps up the calorie count and there's a lot of fat in there as well, so if you eat that very often, you could well end up being obese.

I hate nutritionists. They are usually morons. Look dear, FRYING something doesn't turn it into a BAD FOOD you idiot! And please tell me what 'natural sugar' is and how it differs from 'unnatural sugar". Twat!

She said: "I think if someone followed the recipes in this book, solely, it would be a very unhealthy diet, but I don't think that's what this book's about. "I think it's more a bit of fun and will end up being given as a gift book, maybe as a bit of a joke..."
Hey, well done dearie. You finally got it. These are CARTOON characters and the book isn't really meant to be used by anyone as a basis for their diet! Jeeezus Wept! What next? Warnings in The Dandy?