Danger! Men On Trains


Jeremy Corbyn has said he might consider creating women only carriages on trains. Apart from the fact that the man has no chance of ever being in a position to implement such a policy and that fact that it's a regressive step back to the time when "ladies" needed to be shielded fro the real world it addresses a problem that, despite the hysterical, overwrought ramblings of some commentators, is insignificant in any case. 

Here are the FACTS, you know, those awkward things that get in the way of people's silly prejudices and misrepresentations:
There were 1,399 reported cases of sexual assaults (that includes inappropriate speech etc) on the UK public transport system last year. There were well over a billion journeys last year on the London underground system alone. If all the reports were limited to the underground that would represent just 0.0001399% of journeys. But, of course, we have to add the 1.16 billion train journeys and 4.7 billion bus journeys (of which 2.28 billion were in London).

The total number of journeys in excess of 7,300,000,000. 

The total number of journeys on public transport per annum is in excess of 7,300,000,000. Even if you add all the crimes reported on public transport, including robbery, racial harassment etc it still comes to under 0.00015%. Hardly an epidemic. Hardly evidence of hoardes of violent, sexist, racist men rampaging on buses and trains, is it?

PS: Rod Liddle is very concerned about it.