The rotten side of the NHS

In an interview on BBC radio, Care QualityCommission chairman David Prior described the allegation that his organisation covered up failings as "shocking".
But perhaps the truly most shocking element of all this is that we are not really that surprised.
The findings laid bare by consultants Grant Thornton on Wednesday confirms something that is becoming clearer and clearer as the months go by: that the in the early part of the 21st century a rotten culture developed in the NHS that put the self-interest ahead of patients.
In short, the NHS stopped caring.
Peter Walsh, of the patient group Action Against Medical Accidents, says while it is pleasing the NHS is admitting it has a problem, he is still not sure the systems being put in place are "robust or proactive" enough to deal with problems when they happen.
"I am not confident we have the right systems in place, the regulatory system is still not simple enough."

It's not about having the right systems, it's about having the right PEOPLE. As has been shown time and time again. 

Families condemn 'rotten' NHS cover-up over 16 baby deaths at Morecambe Bay as data protection stops culprits being named. Daily Mail