Not waving, but drowning

Japan tsunami and earthquake: Nuclear power plants are dangerous
Yes, nuclear power plants are dangerous. But for Britain, the alternative is to start hoarding candles
It would be easy to just accept that this is just more twaddle from that great Daily Mail tit, Max Hastings but let's just stop and ask ourselves how the fuck that headline got written. As someone pointed out in the comments section of this appallingy piss-poor piece in the Guardian today:
     More people died at Chappaquiddick than at 3 Mile Island.

Dangerous? In the UK alone there have been around 165,000 recorded deaths in the coal mining industry and this is a) an admitted underestimate and b) excludes deaths of miners from lung disease and, more importantly, deaths in the general population by smoke pollution caused by burning coal.  The truth is that so far, as a result of this recent quake,  nobody has died from nuclear radiation in Japan but at least 10,000 are likely to have been killed by, erm, wave power.