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Rachel Corrie Family Finally Puts Israel in Dock

Seven years after Rachel Corrie, a US peace activist, was killed by
an Israeli army bulldozer in Gaza, her family was to put the Israeli
government in the dock today. A judge in the northern Israeli city of Haifa was due to be presented
with evidence that 23-year-old Corrie was killed unlawfully as she
stood in the path of the bulldozer, trying to prevent it from
demolishing Palestinian homes in Rafah. 

Three Britons and one US citizen, who were standing close to Corrie when she was killed, are expected to challenge Israel’s version of events, arguing that the bulldozer driver knew Corrie was there when he ran her over. The Israeli government had sought to block the activists from entering Israel for the hearing but finally relented three weeks ago, when Britain and the US exerted strong pressure.

Israeli justice. Don't hold your breath!