Wossy Lossy

Humiliated Jonathan Ross sensationally quits BBC (but insists it's not about the money)
Humiliated Jonathan Ross walked out on the BBC yesterday after it emerged the corporation was ready to axe all his flagship shows.
The controversial star quit as TV chiefs were also planning to scrap his lucrative 'golden handcuffs' contract - leaving him with a 'pay as you go'-style deal. Crucially, bosses had made up their minds last summer not to renew Ross's £6million-a-year contract after the embarrassment of the Andrew Sachs phone calls and pressure over the corporation's vast budget.
Personally, I'm happy to see Ross go. Friday Night Live is little more than a tedious promotional vehicle for the guest that appear on it, pushing their books, films, records or shows. I've never liked him as a replacement for Barry Norman, but I fear we will now get someone (almost certainly female, this time) even worse. But then I haven't watched the programme for years in any case so it won't really affect me. 

Ross say's it's a good time to move on, yet not long ago he replied to me on Twitter saying he was happily staying with the BBC and had recently turned down a much more lucrative offer to move elsewhere. Looks like he should have taken it. I'm sure this isn't a Simon Dee moment for him. He is talented and knows his way around the medium so it won't be long before he pops up somewhere on the schedule. But at least he won't be getting paid millions out of the licence fee.