What would Jesus say?

When the tedious meets the self-righteous...

How not to do schadenfreude

Yes, Dale is a twat. But so what? And who the fuck gives a toss about the 'First Family of Northern Ireland"? Indeed, who gives a fuck about Northern Ireland at all, or the murderous bigots on both sides of the political divide?

As for the Robinsons. Mrs Robinson is a liar, cheat and hateful homophobe who, as a born-again Christian managed to justify her villification of homosexuals by quoting the Bible but had no religious problems with lying on her back with her middle-aged legs wrapped around the neck of a teenager who busied himself fucking her brains out.

We are supposed to feel compassion for her because she attempted suicide. Why is that women 'attempt' suicide so often but just don't seem to be able to manage it? It's not difficult. Express trains, tall buildings, car exhausts, strong medication...  What you don't do is take a handful of Valium and immediately dial 999. That isn't attempted suicide it's attempted snoozing.

I find it offensive that this hateful old bigot and cheat holds any public office at all and the sooner she fucks off the better. If she can manage to bring her husband down with her that'll be a bonus.