What a hero!

PC cleared of assaulting OAP
"There is no dispute here that PC Morton (30) did use some force upon Mr Slack (90) and there is no dispute that, as a result of that, Mr Slack suffered some injury. The issue in this case was whether the prosecution could prove whether that force was unlawful."
Judge John Burgess

Naturally there was both a traffic warden and one of those useless (female) PCSOs involved:
Judge Burgess said: "A call came over the radio firstly that assistance was required. Then there was a second call in which she (PCSO Martin) sounded fearful and panicked and was complaining of being assaulted herself. That would have been in his (PC Morton's) mind when he arrived. A police officer faced with violent situations cannot be expected to work out on the spur of the moment exactly how much force may be necessary." (emphasis mine)
Help! Help! I'm being attacked by a nonagenarian.

Useless fucking twats.