Salaam, salaam, salaam.

Justice on Bradford's streets, the Muslim way
With his dark-blue uniform, earpiece and walkie-talkie, Yousaf Rahman could pass for a police officer as he patrols the streets of Bradford's Manningham neighbourhood. Like an officer of the law, he responds to emergency calls, visits crime scenes and pursues suspects.

However, he is a member not of the constabulary but of the Manningham Islamic Rescue Patrol, a group of devout Muslim men who, for the past two years, have been “policing” the streets of their community...

Set up nearly two years ago, the group now has 22 patrolling members, a headquarters and even a 24-hour emergency number, staffed by six operators, which residents call to report crime. “Every house and child in the community knows this number off by heart,” said Mr Rahman, one of the group’s committee members.
OK, I made it up. They aren't actually Muslims...they are Jews.  Feel better now?