Car-crash Labour

This death-wish brigade will let Brown crash his party
Brown cannot admit the monumental error he and Ed Balls made in their economic policies because there are some mistakes just too big to apologise for. For the same reason Tony Blair cannot apologise for the Iraq war. Oops, sorry, the gun went off in my hand. Oops, sorry, I crashed the public finances. Even if Brown were verbally adept, rhetorically agile, a great communicator in touch with popular sentiment, he would struggle to find words to shape the next decade. It would be far easier for someone else to admit mistakes, draw a line under the past and spell out new directions...

...voters will throw Gordon Brown out – unless Labour does first.
No, not a quote from The Daily Mail but from the great Guardian Lefty herself, Polly Toynbee.

I'm amused that one of the common themes from the defenders of Gordon Brown is that there isn't anyone better to replace him. So there is not a single candidate in the Parliamentary Labour Party that could make a better job of it than the hapless, Hibernian miserabalist? What an admission!