Remember, remember...

We must turn Blair’s life into Groundhog Day - Matthew Parris
So dream on, my fellow critics of the Iraq war. But if we think that, even now, a searchlight into the past is likely to catch any of these people red-handed, we distract ourselves from the achievable.What’s achievable is that those who led us into that grisly blunder are never allowed to move on; that they never regain the respect they enjoyed before it; that their public careers never climb back towards the eminence they once enjoyed; that, forever justifying themselves, forever repeating their denials and slipping through their frustrated accusers’ fingers, they never escape the flashlight beamed at this single episode in their lives.

And that each new inquiry, each new interview, becomes for them another Groundhog Day, an endless circle; while on to their monuments is chiselled “Iraq”, and into their obituaries one central, unforgiven fact.