To ban or not to ban

Islam4UK: free speech is never absolute
Anjem Choudary's group has incited violence and banning it is the right course for a society fighting terrorism
First they came for the extremist groups…
Alan Johnson’s decision to ban, which he believes is a “necessary power to tackle terrorism”, will make it illegal to be a member of the organisation. The maximum sentence for the “crime” is ten years in prison. Isn’t this a little steep? Brown may call its activities “disgusting and offensive”, but the fact that its actions lack “public support”, or that it voices opinions that are unpalatable to many, shouldn’t be justification enough to criminalise it.
The government's decision to ban Islam4UK will only strengthen hardline Islamists—and drown out moderate Muslim voices
Choudary and his followers will thrive on their newly-acquired victim status and draw even more publicity than before (as evidenced by Choudary’s appearance on Newsnight immediately after the ban was announced). There is also the possibility that in a few weeks Choudary will simply create another group with a different name but the same ideas, and the process will begin all over again.
Truth is, I suspect, that it makes little difference either way. It is, like most of the 'anti-terror- bollocks, mostly window-dressing and showboating.

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