Twitter. The crack cocaine of the interwebs!

When I closed down my Twitter accounts a while back I was under the impression that they would be deleted permanently and immediately, which was fine by me. I didn't want the temptation of sneaking back - burning bridges, and all that. Without the distraction of Twitter I happily got on with building up my blog again. I'd lost about 30,000 visitors a month (uniques) and I knew it would take time and a lot of posting to get things back to where they were.

It only took two weeks to get my Google rank back to 5 (from 4) and there has been a steady improvement in visitor numbers. I'm not a stats freak. I rarely even check my figures or my referals. I've always aimed my blogged at about a dozen or so people. These are who I have in mind when I decide to post something or link to something which, as a link-blogger, is what I mostly do.

Then I got an email from Twitter. Would I like to revive my accounts? Apparently they are dormant for six months during which time they can be easily restored, with all the old setting etc intact. I resisted, of course! For about two minutes :) Then I just had to crank them up again, not knowing whether I would actually restart Tweeting or not. I've decided that I will.  I'm HERE.