Director of Potty Prosecutions

Black bra, red stockings: is that a fair cop?
ONE woman is dressed provocatively in a black bra. Another sports red high heels and stockings. Their long-haired male companions are dressed in scruffy blue boiler suits and the occasional riot helmet. The costumes may look harmless, but for the Space Hijackers — a small group of part-time anarchists with a penchant for street entertainment — they have been enough to earn them charges of impersonating police officers. In what critics say is a misjudged effort to justify police tactics at the protests, Keir Starmer (right), the director of public prosecutions, brushed aside objections and decided last month that 11 of the Space Hijackers would face a four-day trial at a magistrates’ court in February.

Keir Starmer, you are a TOSSER!