Simple mindedness

The release of more photos of prisoner abuse by US soldiers is "of no benefit" and may inflame opinion against the US, President Barack Obama has said.

I have photographs of my next door neighbour abusing your daughter. You already know that he's done this because I've already shown you the worst ones. Of course, you are already aware that he broke into your home, trashed it, killed your mother and stole all your life savings and he's now busy throwing his weight around at a house down the road. But I have taken the decision not to release any more images of abuse because to do so might enrage you and thereby threaten the safety of my next door neighbour and his family.

I am certain that, even though you have already seen graphic and disturbing images of abuse and even though you have suffered at the hands of this man and even though you know of others who are still suffering at his hands, by witholding the remaining images I am ensuring that you won't have any feelings of anger, animosity or revenge against him or his family.