Me, offensive?

I'm not sure how many times this woman has emailed me but she's started to get on my tits. Here is her latest message:
Please take this off your blog.  It is slanderous and offensive. Thank you,
Joan Petro
Friday, January 26, 2007
Professor Joan Giampa Petro runs a college course which, amongst other things, teaches web design. One student clearly isn't impressed and posts a link on Reddit to the professor's site.
It's not pretty.

Ms Joan Petro,

Firstly, for your information, and as any good student dictionary will explain, "SLANDER" involves the SPOKEN word. I thought, being a professor, you might know that.  Clearly not. 

The post you refer to is this: 

which, in turn,  links to this page: 

which, in turn,  displays this message: 
"Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /~jpetro/index.htm on this server."

It seems that you have denied access to the page I have linked to, which is, of course,  your prerogative. As the entire post is about the Reddit post and links to the blocked page I cannot see how it can even be of interest to anyone as it now links to...NOWHERE!!   

I cannot even remember what was linked to but frankly, even if the link was still active and even if you found it "offensive" I wouldn't remove it because I am entitled to my opinion and to the expression of free speech a concept which again, as a professor, I must assume you are familiar with.

The fact is that the link doesn't go to anything, offensive or  otherwise. There has to BE SOMETHING offensive or slanderous (sic) for there to...erm... be something offensive or slanderous. DOH!  Do you not grasp that? Perhaps there is a professor of logic at your college you might like to consult on this matter?

Now, Ms Petro, I really must insist that you to stop contacting me and making false allegations  concerning the content of this post which, clearly, is neither 'offensive' nor 'slanderous' (sic). If you continue to do so I will have no alternative but to have a word with your superiors at Northern Virginia Community College about you conduct and your attempts to harass me.
In your own interests I strongly advise you to please stop pestering me with your silly, illiterate messages!  Frankly, you are beginning to get on my nerves. Never a good idea.

Yours etc.,

Mike Power

UPDATE: Unsurprisingly, this gormless, semi-literate bint sent me an insulting email in reply. I hope she isn't typical of teachers (let's do away with the spurious 'professor' title perleeese!) at Northern Virginia Community College for the sake of the poor bloody students.