Mayo with that hat?

Comic Relief climbers return home
Comic Relief's celebrity climbers have spoken of their delight at being back home after conquering Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Now someone needs to get munching:

If Cheryl Cole makes it up Killer-manjaro, I'll eat Chris Moyles' bush hat, says POLLY GRAHAM
Having climbed this unforgiving peak myself, I can confidently say that not all of them will make it to the dizzy (quite literally) heights of the impossibly beautiful summit, Uhuru Peak.
In fact, I'll eat Moyles' post-trip underpants - or at least his bush hat - if even half of them make it to the top on Sunday.

Climbing Kilimanjaro five years ago was an exhilarating personal achievement, but it was also the most physically gruelling, mentally draining and terrifying experience of my life.
Of the group of ten I travelled with - all of us healthy and fit - only five succeeded, of which I was the only woman. Two people ended up in hospital after collapsing during the arduous final push to the summit.
Smart arse!