"Snow is seminal" says wanker

HARRY PHIBBS: It snows and the whole nation is paralysed. Where's our true grit (and the gritters?)
So it snows and suddenly all the London buses are cancelled. Tubes and commuter rail lines are closed. Both runways at Heathrow airport shut down. Millions of workers give up the ghost and hunker down for a cosy day at home.

All London buses have been withdrawn from service due to 'adverse weather and dangerous driving conditions.' Why withdraw ALL the buses? Is it really impossible for any of them to cover any of their routes?

Of course road accidents take place even in the best conditions but at the time of writing Scotland Yard report that while the weather has caused many minor accidents nobody has been seriously hurt.

Stopping all the buses is yet another example of our society being disproportionately risk averse. But after all it's a monopoly so sod the passengers. Let them walk to
work and never mind the danger of crashing to the ground in the 'adverse weather.'
So, nobody has been seriously hurt in accidents on the road despite the treacherous conditions?

Erm, let me see, that wouldn't, by any chance, be because there is virtually NO FUCKING TRAFFIC?

You tosser!