Don't get too excited

Morgan Tsvangirai given a hero's welcome after being sworn in
After a decade of bloodshed, sacrifice and suffering, Zimbabweans erupted in joy and jubilation — emotions almost extinct after 29 years of President Mugabe's misrule — as Morgan Tsvangirai was sworn in as Prime Minister yesterday.
Not everyone joined in the celebrations:
Zimbabwean journalist Basildon Peta suggests that while yesterday's ceremony was a joyous moment for some, he saw no reason to join any parties. "After so many years in exile, I see nothing to suggest that I can now walk back into a free democratic Zimbabwe in which my rights as a citizen will be respected. "There was nothing historic or momentous about yesterday. Morgan Tsvangirai's oath merely threw a line to a heartless, reckless dictator who lost elections but shamelessly clung to power ... "What happened in Zimbabwe yesterday is a monumental tragedy. A travesty of justice. It isn't the delivery of a democratic outcome by the regional African leaders who mediated. It's the betrayal or prostitution of the basic tenets of democracy."