Nudge, nudge, sue, sue.

Drug giant General Electric uses libel law to gag doctor
General Electric, one of the world’s biggest corporations, is using the London libel courts to gag a senior radiologist after he raised the alarm over the potentially fatal risks of one of its drugs.

The multinational is suing Henrik Thomsen, a Danish academic, after he described his experiences of one of the company’s drugs as a medical “nightmare”. He said some kidney patients at his hospital contracted a potentially deadly condition after being administered the drug Omniscan.
Looks like an own goal by GE as this article in the S. Times goes on to point up the very risks that GE are suing the good doctor for revealing. GE claims it is suing Thomsen for accusing the company of supressing information but, as the ST piece points out:
A summary of Thomsen’s presentation for the High Court writ, provided by GE Healthcare, appears to show that it was an even-handed account of his clinical experience. When asked by The Sunday Times to highlight any part of the presentation that explicitly stated wrongdoing by GE Healthcare, a spokeswoman for the company was unable to do so. The writ states that the defamation may have been “by way of innuendo”.(Emphasis mine)