Is it coz I'm a man?

Richard Black's Earth Watch: COP15: Climate 'scepticism' and questions about sex
Why are virtually all climate "sceptics" men?
Erm, they're not as Black himself points out it a little later in his article:
Opinion poll evidence provides some clues. A recent survey across the EU found roughly equal levels of scepticism between the genders.
What Black is really asking is why most prominent sceptics are male. He goes on to present some pseudo-psychological guff about motivation such as this bollocks from an "ex-scientist and now climate action advocate": "I've been debating the science with them for years, but recently Irealised we shouldn't be talking about the science but about something unpleasant that happened in their childhood". This is embarrassing, desparate, scraping-the-barrel stuff from Black.

Black could equally ponder why belief in 'angels', astrology and cod-psychological self-help techniques is largely a female occupation (just hang around that section of a bookshop for a while, if you doubt me). Why do more women believe the MMR jab is dangerous. Why do the audiences for those pathetic conmen who claim to be able to contact the dead consist largely of women?  Why are women more likely to pick up 'OK', 'Hello', 'Spirit and Destiny, 'Soaplife', 'Prediction', 'Now', 'Pick Me Up', 'Chat', or any of the other crappy magazines concerned mostly with Fern Brittons weight loss or Victoria Beckham's tits rather than, say,  'The Economist', New Scientist', New Statesman, 'Spectator', 'Scientific American' etc?  Ponder that, Dick.