"On the 'moderate' wing"

Wanabee Labour MP, Luke Akehurst, licks Blair's arse:
I know it's not politically fashionable to say so, but I still think it was the right thing to do for the UK's security and the safety of the public here. The problem with the preemptive removal of a future threat is that you can never prove what would have happened if you had not done it. But I am very glad we have not had to find out the hard way, and nor have nearer neighbouring countries, what Saddam could have done to us if left in power.
The only people who DID find out the hard way were the Iraqis, you horrible little carrot-topped cunt!

PS: The gas that Saddam is alleged to have used on the Kurds does NOT constitute a weapon of mass destruction. Nor do battlefield chemical weapons. And, of course, the western invaders of Iraq have managed 'mass destruction' perfectly well with good old fashioned conventional weapons.

PPS: This is the man who changed his mind about Afghanistan...after...wait for it...a NATO briefing. I almost fell off my chair.