Charge Milliband with contempt of court

Judges acted 'irresponsibly' over Binyam Mohammed, says Foreign Office
David Miliband accused the two senior judges of irresponsibly ''charging in'' to a diplomatically sensitive area over what happened to former terror detainee Binyam Mohamed while held by the Americans in Pakistan.
This litle twerp (seriously touted by many on the left as a credible replacement to Gordon Brown as PM) should be hauled before the court and sent down for three months. Once again we see that the Blair/Brown policy of having our head shoved right up the arse of the USA is more important than discovering the truth about this country's complicity in torture. The concern of ths government is that the US might not share it's 'intelligence' with us. A good thing, if you ask me. Fuck the USA. Look where cooperation with America has got us now.