Rod Liddle: 'I've never had a go at Muslims, only Islam'
"I'm interested in the BNP tendency within Britain's conservationists – 'It's a foreign animal, kill it!' We exterminated the coypu in East Anglia, a very ugly rodent which was introduced from South America for its fur, escaped and set up base in East Anglia where it caused damage to riverbanks. So they shot 'em all. The RSPB said recently shall we shoot all those parakeets because they're not British. 'They come over here with their green wings...'"
I like Liddle. There, I've said it. He's good at what he does and what he does is write entertaining, readable columns. I often disagree with him. He's sometimes offensive but in a straightforward way, rather than in the heavily disguised, mealy-mouthed way that many other columnists are. Other columnists Liddle regards as mostly "self-obsessed, narcissistic and not especially good at what they do". I agree.