Gaza: In Perspective

William Bowles: The Obscenity That is The State of Israel

The Gaza strip is 360 square kilometers in size with a population approaching 1.5 million people, over 60% of whom are under the age of fourteen.

Since 27 December, 2008 the Gaza Strip has been subjected to intense aerial bombardment with the most powerful weapons on the planet, all of which have been supplied by the United States: F-16s, Apache helicopter gunships, thermobaric bombs, remote-guided missile equipped drones. Hundreds of tons of bombs and missiles have been dropped on the most densely packed place on Earth.

And this on top of the complete blockade that has denied the Palestinians the most basic of necessities of life. And now, in an attempt to finish off Palestinian resistance following an intense artillery bombardment, this benighted land has been invaded.

The war, if that’s what it can be called as in reality it’s remote-controlled slaughter, is as much a propaganda war in true Goebellian fashion, a war that is being conducted in the homes of the so-called developed world through the electronic and print media. For without the complicity of our political class and state/corporate media in this atrocity, surely we as a people would not permit the genocide of an entire people in our name.