The wheels on the bus...

COMMENT OF THE DAY: Every Friday, the week's best comment will receive a bottle of House of Commons champagne!
Chris Cowin: "[Brown’s] original objective, set out before Labour came to power in 1997, could with hindsight have been better phrased as "we will abolish homegrown Boom and Bust"... in a sense Gordon Brown can be compared to the driver of a bus which has been travelling a rough and bumpy road. On taking the wheel, he promises the passengers that from now on the road will be smooth and there will be no more "Boom and Bust". He drives carefully along a fine new highway and all is well. But then a storm breaks out and the bus is buffeted from side to side. The passenger s at the back complain loudly that they were misled, that it is just as uncomfortable as before - but Gordon must not waste time arguing with them. He has to concentrate on driving the bus."
And that was the best comment they got?! Jeez.

Update: Friday 30th. FFS! This comment has just won the bottle of Champers.