What 'ceasefire'?

Gaza ceasefire broken with Hamas rockets
The Gaza ceasefire has already been broken, just hours after the unilateral truce took hold, as Hamas militants fired a volley of rockets into southern Israel.
This is announced as 'Breaking News' by the Times. But the truth is that there is no ceasefire, Israel has decided to stop it's incessant bombardment of Gaza, claiming as it's reason, that it has crippled Hamas and destroyed it's military capabilities. Whoops! But having listened to Israel telling the world that they had been crushed would Hamas have done anything BUT fire rockets at Israel if they still had the capacity to do so?

Of course, this will now be seen by some as as an irresponsible act which will leave Hamas taking the blame for any further Israeli bombardments. Just as there were those who blamed Hamas for 'provoking' Israel in the first place. Like all sensible rape victims, Gaza should lie still and take it. Don't struggle, lady, or you might make it worsefor yourself!

Remember this date. You will, without a shadow of a doubt, see it mentioned by Zionists in the future as the day that Hamas 'broke the ceasefire', no doubt forcing a reluctant and fundamentally humanitarian Israel to murder a few more women and children.