Have I missed something here?

BBC NEWS: Rockets threaten Gaza ceasefire
A unilateral Israeli ceasefire takes effect in Gaza but a fresh volley of rockets fired by militants triggers an Israeli air strike.

At least four out of seven rockets landed near the town of Sderot, with no reports of injuries. Israel launched an air strike on Gaza in response.

The exchange puts an immediate strain on the ceasefire, which followed three weeks of fighting.

Let's see. Israel invades and bombards Gaza for three weeks then decides, for obvious political reasons to lay off for a bit, calling it a 'ceasefire'. The invaded continue with their puny efforts at retaliation and Israel responds by attacking them with jets once again. Explain to me in what way this can be called a 'ceasefire'.
Israel says it will not set a timetable for withdrawing its troops, but Hamas said it would not accept any Israeli presence in Gaza.

"We can't talk about a timetable for withdrawal until we know the ceasefire is holding," said the Israeli prime minister's spokesman, Mark Regev.

"If there is a danger Hamas is going to deliberately torpedo the ceasefire, and we will have to reinitiate offensive actions against Hamas, for that reason we have to be reticent about withdrawing our forces," he said.

The stopping of rocket-fire had been a chief aim of the military campaign.

The stopping of rocket-fire had been a chief aim of the military campaign. Has it? Once again the BBC peddles the Zionist line without demur, as it has done though most of its disreputable reporting of these events.

Shame on the BBC.