The broken watch

Even a broken watch is right twice a day.

OK, there is a certain irony in Mad Mel calling Harman 'unhinged' but she's got a point:

Harriet Harman's Orwellian 'equality' agenda is not just sinister - it's positively unhinged
listening to her is a bit like entering a time-warp and being subjected to some ghastly student radical circa 1970 nasally boring on about the class/gender/race struggle. That’s because she - and a number of her ministerial colleagues - were indeed part of that generation of privileged baby-boomers who indulged in adolescent fantasy politics about changing society and human nature - but who, crucially, never grew out of it.

What then happened was that between 1979 and 1997 they were kept out of power by three successive Conservative administrations. And when they finally clawed their way into government, they were then in a position to put into practice the adolescent politics which had been stored in aspic and beyond which they had never progressed.

The way forward is obvious. The Equalities Minister must put her money where her mouth is.

By her own lights, the best way the public school-educated Harman could do her bit to ‘tackle the class divide’ would surely be to step down as an MP forthwith so that a working-class person could take her place.