Ethnic hatred is a terrible thing...

Shocking picture taken in San Francisco, of all places.

NAH! Only kidding. The real photo is below. Phew! That was almost anti-Semitism and we wouldn't want that, would we?

Pics of San Franciscans Rallying Behind Israel's Massacre Of Gazans
As the number of Palestinians killed by Israel in Gaza passes 800 and the US and Red Cross accuse Israel of targeting aid convoys and engaging in other war crimes, some in San Francisco still choose to rally behind Israel. The following photos are a pictures of Gaza and pictures of a pro-Israel counter-protest to a rally for Gaza on Saturday January 10th 2009. You might think that this crowd doesn't represent the views of many Americans and that could be correct but both the US House and Senate voted with no opposition to a resolution backing Israel just yesterday and the bills were sponsored by several of our local representatives.