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How care home keeps elderly healthy
A year ago, 88-year-old Jean Lavender used to find walking any distance a struggle. Now she is keen to get outside for a walk most days. And she puts the transformation down to the most simple of medicines - water. She is one of a group of residents at a care home in Suffolk who have been encouraged to increase their intake of water. And they have all reported dramatic results. Jean says she feels 20 years younger.
People assume that if you don't feel thirsty you don't need to drink but this is not the case. In fact in extreme conditions you could well end up dead before you feel an overwhelming desire to drink. Water is also one of the best and least known treatments for anxiety as well as being good for your bowels and your skin. So drink up.

I'm lucky up here in Scotland. The water from my tap is pure, sweet and very cold. Stuff Perrier.