Bad move, worse timing

Wendy: 'Bring it on'
Wendy Alexander yesterday announced the biggest U-turn by Scottish Labour for generations by backing a referendum on independence. In the clearest sign yet that the Scottish public will be given a vote on separation, Ms Alexander moved to "call Alex Salmond's bluff" and support his referendum demand. She believes calls for independence would be defeated in a vote, removing it from the political agenda for a generation. "I don't fear the verdict of the Scottish people – bring it on," Ms Alexander said yesterday.
Labour took a kicking in Scotland before it took one in the rest of the UK so this might not be the right time for a Labour politician to support giving the Scottish people a vote on independence. Salmond is popular and doing a good job, in the eyes of many people up here. Add to that the growing support in England for separation and you have a very strong prospect for a yes vote in a referendum. We'll see what happens in 2010.