Well of course not!

No drug charges for Amy Winehouse
Singer Amy Winehouse will not face charges over a video that purported to show her smoking a crack cocaine pipe, police have confirmed. She was interviewed under caution by police in east London after the footage was posted online in January. "The Crown Prosecution Service has now reviewed the case and no further action is being taken," a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said.
Here we go again. This happened to Kate Moss in 2006 and I said at the time that she should tell the police to go fuck themselves. You see the police need something rather essential for a conviction of drug use...the drugs! A picture or video of someone snorting or smoking something isn't enough. I've given plenty of greedy, pissed, partygoing freeloaders big fat lines with no drugs in them at all. When they really pissed me off I left lines of Wernets denture powder around. That fucked them up for the night! In addition taking drugs is not an offence, it's possession that you get done for, which is why crack dealers swallow their stash when caught.