An Arab Woman Blues - Reflections in a sealed bottle...
Hostages of violence, of greed, of brutality, of dual occupations. Hostages of poverty, disease, unemployment, closed borders and exile... Hostages of sectarianism, chauvinism, corruption... Hostages to embezzlers, gangs, robbers, murderers, sadists, rapists, perverts and killers...

All are guilty.

The charlatan anti-Christ-the Mahdi, the Shiite puppet government, the corrupt Sunni politicians, the Zionist Kurds, the psychopathic dirty Americans, the insane filthy Iranians, the lowly debased Brits, the sold-out sleeping Arabs, the Security firms, the Oil cartels, the West, the East, the International Community, the NGO’s, the Media, the left shits and their shit parties...

All are guilty.

All are trying to make a profit one way or another. Either through fame, interest, money, resources, influence or power and the list is endless. Hostages of a failed state, of a "creative chaos"...  Hostages of Silence, of Destruction, of a philosophy of Annihilation. Hostages in a vacuum, in an abyss, in a senseless cycle, a cycle of Madness... Hostages of the futility of Living.

Hostages under the Devil’s claws, under his grip. The Devil has no mission but to destroy. And the Iraqis have been singled out for that purpose. So who is going to have mercy on us, us Iraqis ?

Do you understand what I am saying ? Do you ?

You Evil bastards - the whole lot of you.
-Layla Anwar